External funding

The department tries to facilitate the process of applying for external funding as much as possible.


The following persons may assist you when you want to apply for external funding:

External funding coordinator Professor Helena Skyt Nielsen, who has the expertise in e.g. sharpening the application.

AU Research Support Office: Anne Marie Zwergius (2845 5016, amz@au.dk) - she may help you with the budget and all formalities so that your application meets all requirements.

If you do not know where you should address your questions, you may always ask Anne Charlotte la Cour

Approval of applications

All applications for external research funding must be approved by the head of department prior to submission. Please fill in this form: External Funding Approval Form and return the form, your application and the budget to Anne Charlotte la Cour, then she will collect the signature from the head of department.

Please allow minimum two working days for your request to be processed.

If your application includes department co-funding, this has to be approved in advance by the head of department.  

ECON external funding committe

The committee gives feedback and reviews department members' funding applications to e.g. The Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD), European Research Council (ERC), Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF).

Colleagues who have not previously received a grant from IRFD will be required to engage in a feedback process before submitting their proposals (see the guidelines below), while colleagues who have previously received a grant from IRFD may regard this as an optional service.

The committee consists of the following persons:

Please sign up for feedback and review by email to Anne Charlotte la Cour (anncou@econ.au.dk) or Helena Skyt Nielsen (hnielsen@econ.au.dk)

Make sure to read the document “Common mistakes in writing grant applications”, which can be found under Employee forum in the menu to the left.

Next deadline: 8 August 2021 (for the IRFD call deadline: 29 September 2021)

Aarhus BSS peer review process

Applications for the prestigious grant from European Research Council (ERC), Sapere Aude Starting Grant (SA, IRFD) or Centers of Excellence funded by Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) go through a mandatory peer review process organized by Aarhus BSS. The process is planned 3-6 months ahead of the application deadlines in order to allow applicants and reviewers sufficient time for the quality assurance process.

Next deadline: see the document ‘Calls Economics 2021