About the organisation of the department

The organisation of the Department of Economics and Business Economics (ECON) needs to support more than 200 department members in their efforts to provide education and research. Education and research must be in an intimate relationship since this is the raison d'être of the department. The department is responsible for many study programmes, which are followed by more than 5000 students. The department is also committed to host a research environment with academic freedom and a supportive structure for researchers and groups of researchers.

The department members are organised into sections. The department is led by the head of department. Technical and administrative personnel (TAP) belong to the ECON Administration, which is led by the head of secretariat. The academic personnel (VIP) belong to one of the sections. Each section is led by a head of section. Although PhD students formally belong under a graduate school, most personnel responsibility is delegated to the department. As such, the majority of PhD students refer to the head of the PhD Section. PhDs are affiliated with the same department section as their supervisor.

The teaching activities of VIPs are planned in teaching groups. A teaching group is defined by a set of related courses for which the teaching group is responsible for maintaining. Each teaching group is led by a course coordinator. A VIP must be a member of at least one teaching group.

The Department supports its members in doing research both as individuals and in groups. VIPs can form research groups and get a budget for running various research activities. VIPs and PhD students can be members of several research groups, and members in a research group can belong to different sections.

Formally, the head of department has responsibility and decision power over all managerial activities at the department. The head of department delegates the responsibility and decision power. Many activities regarding personnel are delegated to the heads of sections for VIP, the head of administration for TAP and the head of the PhD section for PhD students. Activities regarding courses and staffing of courses are delegated to course coordinators. In addition, there are coordinators with special tasks that have particular areas of responsibility.

Similar to the university, the department has four strategic focus areas: Education, Knowledge Exchange, Research and Talent Development.