About the ECON PhD programme

Most PhD students affiliated with our Department are enrolled in the PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics. A few are enrolled in the PhD programme in Social Science and Business; these students are assigned to us by the Graduate School of Business and Social Sciences. 

PhD students’ salary is generally funded by a graduate school, whereas the Department partly covers their conference and travel expenses, as well as their long-term stay at another research institution.

Although PhD students formally belong under a graduate school, most personnel responsibility is delegated to the Department. As such, the majority of our PhD students refer to the head of the PhD programme. PhD students are affiliated with the same department section as their supervisor.

Among others, the head of the PhD programme has the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting staff development dialogues (SDD, Danish: MUS) for all PhD students except those on part A of a 4+4 programme
  • Allocating funding to PhDs for conferences, external courses, travel and long-term stays abroad
  • Approving PhD plans  
  • Overseeing the quality of the PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics as well as the courses offered by the Department

The head of the PhD programme is appointed by the head of department. The elected head of the PhD field committee also serves as head of the PhD programme.

All PhD students at the department

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Almar, Frederik PhD Student 2632, 105
Andersen, Christina Munkholm PhD Student 2620, 201
Averhoff, Melanie PhD Student 2630, 14
Bach, Nicoline Josephine PhD Student 2620, 203
Barding, Mathias PhD Student 2632, 216
Barreth, William PhD Student 2632, 214
Borgbjerg, Anne Katrine PhD Student 2632, 214
Cardarelli, Thais PhD Student 2632, 234
Christensen, Peter Korsbakke PhD Student 2620, 204a
Dai, Ying PhD Student 2632, 105
del Rio Licea, Francisco Javier PhD Student 2632, 109
Dreyer, Anne Marie Andersen PhD Student 2620, 203
Egebjerg, Sebastian Bak PhD Student 2630, 14
Jensen, Malthe Elholm PhD Student 2632, 209
Ernø-Heising, Marcus PhD Student 2620, 201
Frische, Magnus Bjørn PhD Student 2630, 20
Gaggini, Caterina PhD Student 2620, 201
Hansen, Henrik PhD Student 2620, 203
Hellsten, Mark PhD Student 2632, 104
Hilsløv, Alexander Kjær PhD Student 2632, 217
Holgersen, Lau Abild PhD Student 2621, 7f
Isen, Kristian Uhre PhD Student 2632, 109
Jensen, Astrid Jæger PhD Student 2622, 10
Kaufmann, Asbjørn PhD Student 2620, 204
Kloster, Thomas Kirkegaard PhD Student 2631, 14
Krabbe, Frederik PhD Student 2621, 8
Larsen, Kathrine By PhD Student 2621, 8
Llagas Ortega, Jahir Desaily PhD Student 2621, 112
Lykke, Jingying Zhou PhD Student 2621, 7f
Lyngesen, Mark PhD Student 2621, 112
Matthiesen, Julie Norlander PhD Student 2621, 7f
Mikkelsen, Jesper Bang PhD Student 2621, 112
Mørk, Mathias PhD Student 2620, 202a
Noe, Thor Donsby PhD Student 2620, 203a
Norlyk, Anders Midtgaard PhD Student 2620, 204a
Odintsova, Angelina PhD Student 2632, 104
Okslund, Frederik PhD Student 2620, 204
Pedersen, Camille PhD Student 2621, 7f
Pedersen, Markus Seier PhD Student 2632, 234
Plovst, Mathias Danielsen PhD Student 2631, 21
Saavedra Espinosa, Alberto PhD Student 2621, 8
Særkjær, Laust Ladegård PhD Student 2632, 216
Sørensen, Jonas Søndergaard PhD Student 2620, 201
Soussi, Tobias Skipper PhD Student 2630, 20
Sowinski, Fynn PhD Student 2630, 22
Stechert, Marcel PhD Student 2630, 22
Steenbergen, Jannik Skjøde PhD Student 2621, 8
Vixø, Kathrine PhD Student 2622, 10
Wejse, Kenneth Kjær PhD Student 2621, 8
Þorleifsson, Óskar Helgi PhD Student 2632, 217