Language revision

Language revision is done by one of the research secretaries of your section plus additional proofreaders who are familiar with the academic language of the particular section.

Contact the research secretary of your section if you have a text that needs language revision.

  • Papers
    In connection with papers and other large language revision assignments, it is important that the VIP notifies the proofreader well in advance. Proofreading is a time-consuming task and as the proofreaders have multiple tasks, it is necessary to expect a reasonable span of time to do the proofreading. This may vary from time to time and from task to task. Estimated delivery time will be scheduled case by case in a dialogue between the VIP and the proofreader. Before submission to the proofreader, the text must be thoroughly revised by the author and in principle ready for submission to the journal (apart from the language revision).
  • Other texts
    Language revision can be of both English and Danish texts and is not confined to research papers, articles and exam papers - It may be a good idea to ask one of the proofreaders to go through e.g. PowerPoint presentations, questionnaires, letters and other texts with a large audience.
  • PhD dissertations
    Language revision for PhD students is handled by the research secretaries of the section which the main supervisor is affiliated with. PhD students should send the articles or chapters of their PhD dissertation for language revision before submitting the dissertation or before sending an article to a journal. The PhD student should contact one of the research secretaries of the relevant section regarding the language revision, and in order to achieve a satisfactory end product, this contact should be taken as soon as possible to agree to deadlines for the task. The dissertation must be sent for language revision chapter by chapter (article by article) – not all at once.

    The PhD dissertation must contain an abstract in English and Danish. International PhD students are offered assistance in connection the translation of the abstract to Danish - please contact the research secretary of your section in due time if you need help translating your abstract.