2021.10.13 | PhD students

Stand for the university elections

You can stand in the university elections on 14-26 October 2021. Read on to find out how.

Foto: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

2021.09.28 | PhD students

The university election - Your vote counts!

The university elections will take place 8 - 11 November 2021.

2021.08.24 | PhD students

PhD workshop: How To Get Published

The five Graduate Schools at Aarhus University are hosting a joint PhD course focusing on publication strategies and the writing of a good scientific abstract. The course will bring together PhD students from all disciplines. Find it under 'Courses for PhD Students'.

About the PhD Section

Most PhD students affiliated with our Department are enrolled in the PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics. A few are enrolled in the PhD programme in Social Science and Business; these students are assigned to us by the Graduate School of Business and Social Sciences. In addition, a handful of PhD students are affiliated with NCRR and are assigned to us by the Graduate School of Science and Technology or the Graduate School of Health.

PhD students’ salary is generally funded by a graduate school, whereas the Department covers their conference and travel expenses, as well as their long-term stay at another research institution.

Although PhD students formally belong under a graduate school, most personnel responsibility is delegated to the Department. As such, the majority of our PhD students refer to the head of the PhD Section. The students affiliated with NCRR refer to the head of the research center. PhDs are affiliated with the same department section as their supervisor.

Among others, the head of the PhD Section has the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting staff development dialogues (SDD, Danish: MUS) for all PhD students except those on part A of a 4+4 programme and those affiliated with NCRR
  • Allocating funding to PhDs for conferences, external courses, travel and long-term stays abroad
  • Approving PhD plans  
  • Ensuring that PhD students meet their teaching obligations
  • Overseeing the quality of the PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics as well as the courses offered by the Department

The head of PhD Section is appointed by the head of department for a maximum period of 3 years at a time. The elected head of the PhD field committee may also serve as head of the PhD Section.

Head of PhD Section: Helena Skyt Nielsen 

Helena Skyt Nielsen is also head of the PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics.

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