Case types at the department

Below is a list of case types at the department. Under each type, you will find examples of documents which should be filed in relation to that type of case. The list is neither definitive nor exhaustive.

Case type

Examples of cases and case type IDs

Examples of what must be filed

Formal meetings, e.g. agendas and minutes (if any)

  • 015: Departmental forum
  • 019: Management meetings
  • 019: Section council meetings
  • Agendas and minutes (if any) - Filed by the keeper of the minutes
  • Agendas and minutes from the Local Liaison committee and from the employer panels are filed by others
Policies and strategies
  • 041: Research strategies
  • 201: Local staff policies (e.g. salary agreements and norm systems)
  • 206: Local focus areas
  • The individual policies, strategies and guidelines (if any)
  • 159: Contracts for procurement or loan of equipment
  • 561: International collaboration agreements (e.g. with companies and other research institutions)
  • 713: Conferences organised by AU (both inside and outside campus)
  • 731: Confidentiality agreements
  • 731: External collaboration agreements (e.g. with companies and other research institutions)
  • 734: Data processing agreements
  • 734: Disclosure of data
  • 734: Declarations of consent (GDPR)
  • The individual contracts, agreements and declarations
  • Relevant conference materials
  • Relevant correspondence

Visiting scholar agreements are filed by others

Degree programmes and students
  • 441: Student introductory events (e.g. budgets)
  • 451: Student organisations (e.g. funding for student associations, events and field trips)
  • 483: Collaboration agreements (e.g. with companies and other research institutions)
  • 483: Non-disclosure agreements (internships in companies)
  • 721: Graduation ceremonies
  • Collaboration with co-examiners
    • 543: Chair of external co-examiners
    • 545: Agreements on time standards
  • Annual overview of funding regarding student organisations
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Program and budget for the graduation ceremony
Maintenance at the department
  • 152: Local service agreements (e.g. for the coffee machine, water dispenser and plants)
  • Agreements on procurement and service
Other case types
  • 031: Appointment for external committees
  • 036: Award nominations (if these are not handled by the Dean's Office)
  • 142: Power of attorney, solemn declarations and similar
  • 201: Local descriptions of roles and responsibilities
  • 236: WPA action plans
  • 303: Enquiries directly from other government agencies and institutions (e.g. from the ombudsman regarding accessibility for the disabled)
  • 721: Visits from external parties
  • Delegation of decision-making authority (the case type ID depends on the type of authority delegated)
  • Annual WPA action plans
  • Programmes and budgets regarding visits from external parties