The ECON Administration is organised in four main areas:  

Department administration

  • Office allocation
  • HR (hiring/resignation – system entering/removing, submission, personnel data editor)
  • Introduction of new employees
  • Update the faculty and staff list (web)
  • Submission/recommendations to foundations and awards (information to the relevant persons, keep to deadlines)
  • Secretary to the head of department and the head of secretariat
  • Web page and staff portal
  • Newsletters
  • Information screens
  • Exelsior
  • Planning of meetings for the head of department + minutes
  • Planning of department events, incl. alumni lunch and faculty party
  • Recruitment events (e.g. gymnasielærerdag)
  • Welcome guests
  • Assist employees and guests in practical matters
  • Order office supplies, paper etc.
  • Contact to suppliers (flowers, coffee machines etc.)
  • Support for printers and copying machines
  • Mail (mail room)
  • Newspapers (incl. subscription)

 See who to contact below (under 'Assignment allocation').    

Section administration

  • Support to the head of section:  economy, section meetings, planning and administration of Staff Development Dialogues (MUS) (incl. follow-up on VIPs’ CV-updates)
  • Support to the section council    
  • Language revision
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Support to research groups and centres (incl. minutes, web page)
  • Assist employees and guests in practical matters
  • PURE
  • Travel booking
  • Settlement of travel expenses
  • Administration of research projects
  • Order books in relation to research (books in relation to teaching must be ordered by the study administrators)
  • Ad hoc

Study administration

  • HA – Cand.merc – HD – Oecon/Soc/Math-Econ/Public Policy and Econ/Winter School/Summer School
  • Support to HA/Cand.merc coordinator, directors of studies, head of education
  • Study related events, e.g. IMSQE events, recruitment
  • External examiners and instructors (salary, settlement)
  • Part-time lecturers and instructors (hiring, expiry etc.)
  • Teaching evaluations
  • (Vipomatic)
  • Study trips (students, student associations)
  • Study spaces (for Master's theses writers)
  • Order books in relation to teaching (books in relation to research must be ordered by one of the research secretaries of your section)

See the list of study administrators here

PhD administration

  • Programme administration for PhD students and guest PhD students
  • Approval of funding and pre-approval of external PhD courses
  • PhD defences
  • PhD courses
  • Support to the Head of PhD Programme

Susanne Christensen handles general administration of the PhD programme at the department. 

Research support for PhD students is handled by the research secretaries of the individual PhD student's academic section. Find your section here.

Assignment allocation

  • Head of Administration  

  • Secretary to the head of department
  • HR - Hirings and resignations
  • Job market
  • Language revision

  • HA/BScB/HA(jur.) Business Intelligence and Logistics
  • CM/MSc Business Intelligence
  • CM/MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Operations and Supply Chain Analytics
  • Data Science
  • HA Accounting, Bachelor's projects
  • Handbook for new students - HA/CM
  • Language revision

  • HD 1st part
  • MBA - ECON courses

  • HA/BSc Financial Accounting
  • CM/MSc Auditing and Financial Accounting (AUD)
  • MSc Economics and Management (Oecon)
  • Handbook for new students - Oecon
  • Support to the cand.merc.aud. coordinator
  • WorkZone
  • Language revision

  • HA/BSc Economics
  • CM/MSc International Economic Consulting
  • Mathematics-Economics (MatØk) BSc projects + defences
  • Winter School
  • Support to the HA coordinator
  • Instructor hiring - HA
  • Language revision

Berit Hansen

Study Administrator
  • HA/BScB Finance
  • CM/MSc Finance
  • CM/MSc Finance and International Business
  • Mathematics-Economics (MatØk) MSc theses + defences
  • BA Soc, Bachelor's projects
  • Support to the cand.merc. coordinator
  • Language revision

Betina Sørensen

Administrative Coordinator
  • Coordination/planning of recruitment- and student events (e.g. gymnasielærerdag and IMSQE) and the Oecon Conference)
  • Coordination/planning of social events at the Department (incl. alumni/jubilee lunch and summer party)
  • Introduction of new employees
  • Recording of absenteeism (sickness and holidays)
  • Access cards
  • Language revision   

  • Communication assignments (web page, staff portal, newsletters, information screens, information folders etc.)
  • Working papers
  • Oecon Award
  • Language revision

Charlotte Sparrevohn

Administrative Coordinator
  • Seminars
  • Reception
  • Conferences, workshops etc.
  • Winter School

  • HR:
    - Hirings and resignations (incl. system entering/removing, submission, personnel data editor)
    - Lists for display at the Department (employee lists etc.)
    - Office allocation
  • Exelsior
  • Purchase of furniture
  • Approval of IT purchase

  • Data manager

  • HD Finance
  • HD Accounting
  • Support to the HD 2nd part coordinators
  • Language revision

  • Research secretary to the Dale T. Mortensen Centre
  • Section administration:
    - Economics (Bo Sandemann Rasmussen)
  • Language revision (Economics)

  • Section administration:
    - Economics (Bo Sandemann Rasmussen)
  • Research secretary to TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research  
  • Language revision

  • Section administration: 
    - Accounting and Finance (Claus Holm)
  • Language revision

  • BSc Economics and Management (Oecon)
  • BSc Public Policy
  • MSc Economics and Management (Oecon) Master's theses, Topics and Internships
  • MSc Soc, Master's theses
  • Instructor hiring - Oecon
  • PA to the head of studies (Oecon)
  • Language revision

  • Section administration:
    - Econometrics and Business Analytics (Hans Jørn Juhl)
  • Research secretary to CREATES
  • Language revision

  • PhD administration
  • Support to the head of the PhD programme
  • DGPE administration

  • Data manager

  • Section administration: 
    - Economics (Bo Sandemann Rasmussen)
  • Research secretary to the Research Centre for Firms and Industry Dynamics (FIND)  
  • Language revision

  • Exelsior
  • Teaching evaluations
  • Study spaces (for Master’s thesis writers)
  • Study trips (students, student associations)
  • IMSQE - mentors etc.
  • Newspapers
  • Mail room
  • Office supplies
  • Coding of access cards
  • Language revision