Personal homepage

It is mandatory for PhD students, postdocs, assistant professors, associate professors and full professors to have an updated personal website. Your website must also include an updated CV in English.

Your website is created and updated in PURE

Read more about your personal homepage in PURE

A photo for your homepage can be taken by the photographers at AU. Photo sessions will take place in Vandrehallen, Nordre Ringgade 4, 8000 Aarhus C from 9.15-12 and 13-15 on designated dates. See the website of the AU Photography Unit

You can upload a PDF file of your CV to your PURE profile - See instructions here 

The following minimum requirements for your personal webpage in PURE apply:

  • Overview – should contain name, title, contact information, areas of interest.
    It is also possible to list the most important and/or latest publications, research areas, other activities etc. You can add subject headings from the authorised AU subject heading list and add subject headings that describe the research. On your staff website you may choose present parts of the registered content, e.g. publications activities, and projects, if you wish to 
    list the most important articles. It is also possible to link to a personal websites, edited by the individual researcher.
  • Publications – this page is connected directly to PURE and lists publications from the PURE database.
  • Activities  – board memberships, participation in committees, awards, titles etc. Registration of activities in certain categories in PURE is optional. However according to AU guidelines, there are others which the researcher is required to register. For further information please follow this link: 
  • CV – chronological overview of the academic career. The following should be contained in the CV: areas of interest, nationality, highest academic degree, year degree granted and where.
  • Further information – e.g. links to relevant websites. We also encourage the researcher to upload the CV as a document (pdf).