Sickness absence

Short-term sickness

If you are absent due to sickness or sickness of your children, you must always notify Betina Sørensen, ECON’s absence administrator, via email: on the first day of absence and when you are back at work. Absence due to sickness is registered in AUHRA (HR system).

Cancelling or rescheduling lectures due to sickness

If you have to cancel a lecture due to sickness or sickness of your children, please inform your students via Brightspace, your study administrator and your head of section. 

Rescheduling a replacement lecture is not required, but you are asked to consider if and how the lecture plan should be revised. Please also provide a guide to the students if self-study is necessary. If you would like to schedule a replacement lecture (onsite or online), please contact your study administrator, who can assist you in finding an open slot.

Long-term sickness

For long-term sickness absence you must always contact your head of section and notify Betina Sørensen (via

Especially for PhD students

It is important that you inform Betina Sørensen (via: if you are absent due to sickness, as this has an impact on whether your PhD study can be prolonged in case of long-term sickness. It is not sufficient only to inform your supervisor that you are sick. 

If you are sick for more than one week, you must also notify Head of the PhD programme Helena Skyt Nielsen