Information for new employees


We welcome new employees by setting up an individual introductory programme in order to give new colleagues the best possible start at their new work place. Betina Sørensen is in charge of the practical coordination and implementation of the programme.

The idea behind the welcoming programme is:

  • To make sure that the new employee feels welcome from the first day
  • To make sure that he/she becomes an integrated member of the Department as soon as possible
  • To make sure that he/she spends as little time as possible on settling practical matters

Primary contact person

Each new employee will be assigned a primary contact person, i.e. a colleague with approximately the same job profile as the new employee. The primary contact person will help with practical questions and be in charge of introducing the new colleague to the Department.  


Should you have questions related to HR (wage, sickness, holidays etc.) you may contact either Betina Sørensen or our contact person at the HR department, Jeanne Dybbøl.