Guests/seminar speakers

If you want to invite a guest/seminar speaker and the Department is supposed to pay the expenses, please send an application to Anne la Cour. The application should specify who the guest is, the time and purpose of the visit, and a budget for all expenses (travel, hotel, dinner etc.). The application shall be sent a.s.a.p., and always prior to the visit.

You should contact Christel B. Mortensen ( if you are expecting a guest who needs to use a guest office during his/her visit. Please make sure to notify Christel well in advance before the guest arrives so that she has time to find and set up an office for your guest.

Catering at meetings

The following rules apply when funding is provided by the Department:

Type of meeting/event Type of catering Remarks
Meeting with external participant (e.g. a seminar guest, job candidate etc.) and advisory boards (incl. PhD assessment committees) Breakfast rolls, fruit, cake, lunch, dinner

Off-site catering, max. amounts:
Max. DKK 450 per person or max. DKK 1350 in total.

Max. DKK 800 per person or max. DKK 2400 in total.

On Campus:
If lunch is served at our premises, the number of internal participants is max. 3 persons per external guest.

See also AU’s general rules about entertainment expenses

Oral examination or defence in a course (including BA and MA thesis) Lunch

If several exams in a row.
The internal examiner is included

Semester evaluation meetings with students Cake, fruit or sandwich
Reception after Public PhD defence

Light buffet, wine, beer and soft drinks

For members of the committee, the rule applying to meetings with external participants (described above) applies
Department reception


Up to DKK 125 per person (incl. VAT)

There might be circumstances that call for an exception to the above rules. Those circumstances could be a celebration of some sort e.g. to celebrate the achievement of a new grant. Another circumstance may be related to courses that require catering (e.g. Applied Economics (IEC) and Corporate Evaluation (Finansiering).
The Head of Section has the decision-making authority.

For events funded by an external grant, the conditions of the grant apply and the grantee has the decision-making authority. The general university rules also apply.

Coffee/tea/water at meetings

Coffee and tea from the Department's hot drinks dispensers may be offered at all meetings. 

From the hot drinks dispensers in the lunch room 2632(L)-141 it is possible to fill up whole coffeepots, which you may bring to the meeting. Coffeepots can be found in the kitchen in the lunch room. Please remember to return the coffeepots to the kitchen after the meeting.

Entertainment expenses


  • Guest lecturers and honorary doctors, also from abroad. There must be a reasonable proportion between the number of guests and internal participants.
  • In connection with the conclusion of extensive committee work, including assessment committees.
  • Academic events

Maximum costs: At our department the cost per person may not exceed DKK 250 for lunch and DKK 500 for dinner, including beverages, and a maximum of DKK 2000. There must be a reasonable proportion between the nature of the occasion and the entertainment expenses.

In connection with academic events with mainly internal participants, the cost per person must be below half the maximum costs.  

See also the Department's guidelines regarding catering at meetings above.