If you handle personal data as part of your job, it is important that you comply with the relevant legislation. On AU’s staff webpage about protection of personal data (GDPR), you can gain an overview of what you need to know about GDPR dependent on your job function, e.g.,

Classification of data

In order to ensure that you process, disclose and store data correctly, it is important to classify the data you are working with. On AU’s staff webpage about GPPR, you can find information about the four types of data: public data, internal data, confidential data and sensitive data, and how you save/store and share data and whether data is to be pseudonymised or anonymised before data processing.

Go to AU staff: GDPR – Classification of data

General information

On the AU staff webpage about GPPR, you can find more information about protection of personal data applying to all staff members at AU. The page contains information about, e.g., tips for handling personal data, processing and storing personal data, handling emails with personal data and declaration of consent.

Go to AU staff: GDPR – General information


If you have any questions regarding GDPR that you cannot find the answer to via this page or the AU staff GDPR page, e.g.,

  • GDPR in relation to your research project,
  • data processing agreements, disclosure agreements, transfers, agreements regarding shared data responsibility, and the sharing of personal data with external parties
  • enquiries from data subjects, personal data security breaches, impact assessment etc.
  • GDPR in relation to the study area
  • GDPR in relation to HR issues

you may find help via the AU GDPR list of contacts