The evacuation procedure of the Department of Economics and Business Economics follows the guidelines of Aarhus University regarding evacuation.

Any employee can (and should) assume the role of evacuation leader or meeting point manager in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Evacuation boxes containing evacuation vests and instructions for the evacuation leaders and meeting point managers are located in all the Department’s office buildings (see map):

  • Building 2621 (B)
  • Building 2622 (C) - Ground floor
  • Building 2630/2631 (K)
  • Building 2632 (L) - Ground floor
  • Building 2632 (L) - 1st floor

All employees must make sure that they know where the nearest evacuation box is located.

The evacuation leader must:

  • clear the area of people
  • put on the yellow vest
  • follow the instructions on the yellow instruction sheet

The meeting point manager must:

  • receive the evacuated people at the meeting point
  • put on the orange vest
  • follow the instructions on the orange instruction sheet

There are two meeting points:

  • In front of the main entrance between buildings 2631(K) and 2632(L).
  • The parking area behind building 2636(U).

Employees must go to the meeting point that is closest to their building.

There should be an evacuation leader for each of the evacuation areas mentioned above, and a meeting point manager for each of the meeting points.

At the AU staff service website you can read more about evacuation at AU and find folders and other useful material about evacuation:

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You may also find information about the emergency response procedure at AU, see:

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