Anne Floor Sørensen wins the "The Golden Pointer 2012"

The lecturer of the year at the Department of Economics and Business has been found: Anne Floor Sørensen has just been awarded "The Golden Pointer" by Oeconrådet, the students' council at the Department of Economics and Business, for her motivational and entertaining lectures and strong academic skills.

PhD student Anne Floor Sørensen's lectures in the course Dynamic Analysis have made such a big impression on the students at the Department of Economics and Business that they have chosen her as lecturer of the year and awarded her “The Golden Pointer".

According to Oeconrådet, the main reason for awarding the prize to Anne Floor Sørensen is that the students regard her as a very talented and dedicated lecturer who disseminates knowledge in an educational and motivating manner at a high, academic level.

The nominees for the prize are found by means of student votes. In addition to the honour, the winner also receives a cheque for DKK 7,500.

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Anne Floor Sørensen, PhD Student