Funding principles and procedure

It is the policy of the Department to promote scientific exchange, e.g., at conferences and stays at other universities. The guiding principles for the departmental funding are described below.

The travel may be funded by the Department, a project or reimbursed by your host.

If you want to apply for funding from your section or the Department, you are kindly asked to follow this procedure:

  • Fill in the application form (see below) of the section that you are in, or the Department form if you apply for funding from the Department, and send it to your head of section.
  • Forward the approved application to one of the research secretaries of your section.

It is essential that you have obtained this approval before you commit to any expenses.

In case the funding is provided by an external grant, the conditions for the funding are determined by the regulations in the grant, and, as is the case in general, by the rules stipulated by Aarhus University.

The rules at Aarhus University regarding travelling can be seen here: AU Travel Policy. The rules distinguish between trips which last up to 28 days, denoted short-term visits, and trips longer than 28 days, denoted long-term visits.

Please note that PhD students have their own form. PhD students should get approval from their supervisor and then fill in the form and send it to Susanne Christensen. Note also that PhD students must apply for approval of external PhD courses. Read more about funding for PhD students here.  

Applications forms:

Conferences, workshops and short-term visits

It is possible to apply for funding of travel costs, conference fees, accommodation and daily allowances.

The travel costs cover transportation from your home/the Department to the destination of your trip. For some conferences, a conference fee applies. During the stay, the costs of accommodation, e.g., hotel or apartment can be covered.

Daily allowances, denoted the subsistence allowance, may be given to cover all expenses related to the travel beyond the other costs just mentioned. These may include meals and transport during the stay, i.e., if they are not covered by, e.g., the conference fee.

The overall travel funds allocated to a section are determined by the management of the Department. This is done by giving a conference frame intended for a typical member of a section. The actual allocation of the amounts within the section is under the discretion of the head of section.

Stays abroad (long-term visits) - not applicable for PhD students

As a guiding principle, a long-term stay abroad should be financed by external grant(s). Therefore, it is expected that sincere efforts have been made to obtain external funding before an application for partial departmentel financial support is sent to the section head.

The Department may cover travel costs (including insurance) and travel costs for your nearest family provided they stay for the majority of the time of the visit. The section head may approve partial or full reimbursement of accommodation costs given the costs can be covered by the section budget.

It is advisable to consult SKAT (The Danish Customs and Tax Administration) well in advance to establish the fiscal consequences of the research stay.

The head of section processes the application. To ensure that teaching tasks and other tasks at the Department can be cleared, the section head will consult the head of education.

For further information on the general guidelines, see:


You may book your flight directly with the airline, and there are no longer any requirements stipulating that airline tickets must be booked through AU’s travel agency CWT. However, please note that AU’s purchasing agreement with CWT is still in place, and you are therefore not allowed to use other travel agencies.

Do not book via travel search engine services such as Momondo, Skyscanner, Kayak and the like, as they often charge a high fee. If you find e.g. a flight ticket through a travel search engine that is cheaper than if you buy the ticket through CWT, then you should go directly to the airline’s website and book your ticket directly through the airline.

The AU travel policy must still be adhered to - and please note that you are required to book the cheapest possible form of travel.

The background for the change is that AU wants to give the employees the opportunity to book the best and the cheapest travels and to have the highest possible level of flexibility. AU has confidence in the fact that everyone demonstrates responsibility and that you take all the same considerations as you would if you had to pay for the travels yourself.


It might be necessary to have documentary evidence towards the National Audit Office of Denmark (Rigsrevisionen) that a cheaper price has been offered if CWT is not used to book your trip. However, we do not want to implement any bureaucratic procedures so we trust that you archieve this documentation, should it be demanded at a later time. However, if you prefer that someone else but yourself holds this documentation, please feel free to attach both price offers (CWT and selected price offer) to your application for travel funding.

Booking through Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT)

You have all received an e-mail from AU Finance and Planning explaining how to activate your profile in the CWT Travel portal.

You can book online via the CWT travel portal or by e-mail: or telephone 3363 7744.

In the CWT travel portal, it is also possible to check-in and to see your itinerary and information on travels. The portal also has links to AU’s travel policy and AU’s procedures for travel

Train and hotel booking

You may use CWT travel for train and hotel bookings, but it is not mandatory.

It is recommended that you book train tickets through DSB ( - Pay with your AU credit card.


All travel accounts and/or credit card transactions must be settled no later than 2 weeks after your return. You can do this yourself, or you can ask one of the research secretaries of your section to do it for you. All original tickets, receipts etc. must be handed in when settling the expenses.

Travel and expense reimbursement is done in RejsUd

Short trips must be settled within 2 weeks.

Long trips must be settled no later than 2 weeks after you return home.

You must scan and attach the signed approval form (cf. above) to your travel/expense settlement in RejsUd.

If you pay fees, tickets etc. more than a month before your trip is going to take place, you should settle these expenses no more than 2 weeks after the payment(s) in order to avoid unpleasant reminders from the system. 

AU about travel expenses (in Danish)

AU Credit Card

A credit card can be issued to any full-time member of the academic or administrative staff, including PhD students, who has a regular need for it. The credit card can be used to pay for official university travel expenses. 

The use of credit cards replaces cumbersome administrative procedures for the handling of cash advances/outlays or the use of personal credit cards with subsequent reimbursement, so it is recommended that you apply for an AU credit card if you travel often.

Read more about the AU credit card here.

Travel Insurance

When travelling on official business you need to have a travel insurance card issued by the University to make sure that you are insured when going on trips abroad.

How to get a travel insurance card:

To get a travel insurance card, you must fill in this form: Apply for a travel insurance card and send it to Charlotte Sparrevohn:, then she will order the card for you.

Please note that the card may only be used when AU, as represented by the head of department, has authorised the travel in advance, and the card must not be used for private travel; that is, if you, for example, extend your stay abroad with a few extra days of holiday at your own expense, you must take out private travel insurance to cover the extended stay and travel time.

For more information about travel insurance see AU's webpage: Guidelines for travel insurance

Renewal of insurance cards

If you have an old insurance card without the following CVR number: 31119103, then you must renew your CVR number immediately. It can create serious problems for you if the CVR number on your card does not match AU’s new official number, e.g. if you travel to the USA or in case of an accident. Please contact Charlotte Sparrevohn to order a new insurance card.