External funding

We try to facilitate the process of applying for external funding as much as possible.

The following persons may assist you when you want to apply for external funding:

External funding coordinator Nabanita Datta Gupta, who has the expertise in e.g. sharpening the application.

AU Research Support Office: Anne Marie Zwergius (2845 5016, amz@au.dk) - she may help you with the budget and all formalities so that your application meets all requirements.

If you do not know where you should address your questions, you may always ask Lene Bavnbek Enevoldsen.

All applications have to be signed by the head of department. If you do not need to discuss the application with the head of department, you can give the application to Anne la Cour and she will collect the signature.

If your application includes reduction of your teaching load, the head of department will have to approve this reduction, otherwise you cannot expect the reduction to be realized even though you receive the funding. 

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