External funding

We try to facilitate the process of applying for external funding as much as possible.

The following persons may assist you when you want to apply for external funding:

External funding coordinator Nabanita Datta Gupta, who has the expertise in e.g. sharpening the application.

AU Research Support Office: Anne Marie Zwergius (2845 5016, annezwer@rm.dk) or Jesper Skytt Hvid (jesper.hvid@aarhus.rm.dk). They may help you with the budget and all formalities so that your application meets all requirements.

If you do not know where you should address your questions, you may always ask Lene Bavnbek Enevoldsen.

All applications have to be signed by the Head of Department. If you do not need to discuss the application with the head of department, you can give the application to Margit Sommer and she will collect the signature.

If your application includes reduction of your teaching load, Head of Education, Kristina Risom Jespersen, will have to approve this reduction before you send in the application. Otherwise you cannot expect the reduction to be realized even though you receive the funding.


Internal review board

The Department has set up its own internal review board for providing feedback on applications to e.g.  Independent Research Fund Denmark | Social Sciences, the Danish National Research Foundation and others.

The board consists of:

The Board offers to review your applications to any of the calls mentioned below. The review period is 4 and 22 September 2017.

The next deadline for sending applications to the Independent Research Fund Denmark | Social Sciences) is 28 September 2017 at 16:00. Three instruments can be applied for: Research Project 1 (max 1.8 mill DKK excl. overhead), Research Project 2 (1.8-4.1 mill DKK excl. overhead) and International Research Stay | Social Sciences (min 3 months duration, max 300,000 DKK excl. overhead). Furthermore, the deadline for DFF-International Postdoc has been moved to a fall date, which will be 1 November 2017 at 16:00.

If you have received funding before from IRFD, there is the possibility of applying for supplementary funding through the GROW programme to host a master’s or PhD research fellow affiliated to NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Programme, for a period of 2-12 months. The deadline for that is the NSF deadline, expected December, 2017. Finally, there is a call for a Nordic scientific journal grant with deadline Sept 19th, 2017. See here: http://www.nos-hs.org/en_us/nop-hs-scientific-journal-grant-2017-call-for-proposals/

Please also check the Carlsberg Foundation call for Internationalization fellowships, postdocs, distinguished associate professor fellowships, ‘Semper Arden’ fellowships, research infrastructure, field trips, publication and conferences, with deadline 1 October 2017 at 16:00. http://www.carlsbergfondet.dk/en/Applicant/Apply/Call-and-Guidelines

You can send the full application, including project description, budget, CVs and appendices by email to Nabanita ndg@econ.au.dk in a single pdf file.

The board will try to give you feedback as soon as they can, but please plan for at least one week turnaround time.

To get you started, the board has prepared a list of common beginners’ mistakes made in applications to FSE. It is the board’s experience that even senior people can make beginners’ mistakes, so it is actually helpful for everyone applying to go through this document.

Finally, the board, collectively, has many years’ experience of sitting in the FSE (Nabanita is former FSE council member, Econ section), so you are all encourages to make use of this expertise and send your application for internal review.

For further information, please contact Nabanita: ndg@econ.au.dk

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