Martin Møller Andreasen

Staff portrait: Martin Møller Andreasen

Martin Møller Andreasen joined the Department of Economics and Business in the summer of 2012 and is employed as Associate Professor. He is affiliated with CREATES. You may find him in building 2628(M), office 338.

What is your background?
I hold a PhD degree from Aarhus University in economics and finance. In my PhD thesis I explored how new Keynesian macro models can be used for explaining the term structure of interest rates. After my PhD degree, I joined Bank of England where I continued my macro-finance research agenda. Lately, I have been in a hedge fund (Man Group, AHL) which uses systematic trading strategies to exploit trends (and inefficiencies) in futures markets. 

What are your main areas of research?
My research deals with the interaction between the macro economy, financial markets, and the banking sector. In particular, I have explored the dynamics between the macro economy and the term structure of interest rates in an attempt to explain why, for instance, the US experienced very high interest rates in the late seventies and low interest rates after 2000. I have also studied how interest rates close to the zero-lower bound can be modelled, and how such models can be estimated by MCMC methods and something called particle filters. In addition, I work on various ways of estimating Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models when their solution is linearized and when a more accurate non-linear approximation is used. 

What research projects are you planning to initiate?
At the moment I am simply trying to finish 4-6 old papers which I would like to publish within a reasonable time horizon. So, given my teaching obligations, I will probably not start new research projects this year.

What will you be involved in teaching-wise at the department?
At the moment I am teaching the master course on derivatives and risk management. This course deals with pricing of financial derivatives (futures, options, etc.) and financial markets in general. The course therefore allows me to draw on my experience from the Bank of England and the hedge fund. In the spring I will be teaching the Macro PhD course.

What was your first impression of the department and your new colleagues?
I must admit that my first impression of Aarhus University was not the best, given that I joined just after the physical move to Fuglesangs Allé. For instance, it took about three weeks before the IT-department managed to find a computer and a login for me! Luckily, I know the economics department from my years as a student where things worked fine, so I guess that reduced my degree of frustration in the beginning. However, now almost everything seems to be working, so I am confident that it will be great working here at the Department of Economics and Business.

What do you do when you are not at work?
Outside working hours I spend most of my time together with my lovely wife and our son, who is 11 months old and just started walking. For sure, he will keep me and my wife very busy for the years to come:-).

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