Marcel Turkensteen

Staff portrait: Marcel Turkensteen

Marcel Turkensteen is Associate Professor at the Department and is located in building 2628(M), office 328.

How long have you been employed at the Department of Economics and Business?
For five and a half years now. I started when it was called the Aarhus School of Business.

What is your background?
I am from the Netherlands. Not Holland, that's the crowded place in the west; I'm from the relatively quiet part north of the country. I have studied Econometrics and Operations Research at the University of Groningen and did my PhD in Operations Research at the same department, though I was physically located in the Marketing research and teaching group.
Then, after my PhD, I moved to Denmark, where I arrived in 2007. 

What are your main areas of research?
My field of research is operations research (OR), the field that is about optimally utilizing resources for mainly production and logistics. It focuses on the constructing of computer science-like methodologies for solving problems, such as the amount of inventory to be kept, or the routes to be chosen.

What research projects are you working on at the moment?
Part of my research is done within the framework of Nordforsk, a Scandinavian project. Here, we try to achieve sustainability, whatever that is, through considering different routing and inventory strategies (e.g., if we place large inventories, we may avoid transport in poorly utilized vehicles, but some of that inventory may go to waste). Otherwise, my research projects are quite diverse, with some focusing on methodological improvements and others on using such models to (try to) explain the outside world.

What are you involved in teaching-wise at the moment?
My flagship is the Sustainable Supply Chain Management course, an elective that considers how sustainability can be promoted through better or alternative logistics. Otherwise, I have courses in the bachelor and the master focusing on management decision models.

Are you planning to take part in any conferences or the like abroad in the near future?
Yes, I am, but not any that will keep the reader awake at night.

Are you expecting any visiting researchers from abroad in the near future (or have you had any visitors from abroad recently)?
I do not expect visitors personally, but as a research group, we (CORAL) regularly get visits from interesting guests, and I coordinate these visits.

Are you cooperating with researchers from other departments at AU at the moment?
I've been working with Andreas Klose, from the Mathematics institute.

What do you do when you are not at work?
I'll focus on the activities I am passionate about, and leave the more mundane activities (sleeping, waiting, boiling an egg) unmentioned. I'm passionate about (good) music and sports. 

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