Karina Skovvang Christensen

Staff portrait: Karina Skovvang Christensen

Karina Skovvang Christensen is associate professor at the Department.

How long have you been employed at the Department of Economics and Business?
I have been employed at the Department since August 2007. Prior to that I worked as a student assistant at the Department from 1998-2002. From 2002-2007 I was enrolled as a PhD student at Aarhus School of Business.

What is your background?
I hold an MSc (management) from Aarhus University, School of Economics and Management and a PhD from Aarhus School of Business in management. During my PhD I spent two periods (one month in total) at University St. Gallen, Switzerland, working with Georg von Krogh and his chair, and 6 months at Stanford University, California. Prior to joining Aarhus University, I was trained as an accountant at Blue Water Shipping.

What are your main areas of research?
My main research areas are within organizational behaviour: Motives and action; work and motivation; incentives and motivation in devolved public sector organizations; management and leadership; knowledge management and strategic management and to some extent management accounting. 

What research projects are you working on at the moment?
I am interested in incentives and motivation in devolved public sector organizations. I am interested in how to design and use results-based models in the devolved public sector. Which consequences do they imply? What do they require? And which barriers the involved players will experience? Local authorities are expected to solve a number of tasks and achieve both short and long term results, but specific effect goals are almost non-existing in local authorities’ budgets and funding models.

Further, I find personality profiles very interesting and would very much like to do some work in this area in the future.

What are you involved in teaching-wise at the moment?
I teach Organizational Behaviour, supervise a number of master theses and other topics and is the main supervisor of one PhD student.

Are you planning to take part in any conferences or the like abroad in the near future?
I just returned from a course on Participant Centered Learning at Harvard Business School. My next trip abroad is solely pleasure. Later this month I’m going at an expedition to Greenland looking for “julemanden” (Santa Claus) with my family. Danes believe that Santa Claus lives in Greenland and we have decided to go and find him.

Are you expecting any visiting researchers from abroad in the near future (or have you had any visitors from abroad recently)?

Are you cooperating with researchers from other departments at AU at the moment?

What do you do when you are not at work?
I test theories, e.g. I try to practise a one hundred year old management theory in my family: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Co-ordinating and Controlling. I also run a private taxi company driving my kids forth and back from various sports etc. I also try to go to the gym and spend time with family and friends. 

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