Jesper Rosenberg Hansen

Staff portrait: Jesper Rosenberg Hansen

What is your background?
Master’s in Business Administration and Philosophy (today what would be named cand.soc.) and PhD from the Department of Economics and Management (focused on application of management theory in public organisations).

What are your main areas of research?
Public Management – I am especially interested in understanding sector differences and explanations hereof. My interests relate both to strategy (including contracting) and organisational behaviour (e.g. leadership, commitment, job satisfaction). Most of my research is quantitative (mostly survey based, but I have also started using register data). I have also written papers using longitudinal case study design as well as theoretical papers. So if you like to discuss sector differences, you are always more than welcome to stop by my office or meet me by the coffee machine. I am also very interested in collaborating on related projects.

What research projects are you working on at the moment?
At the moment, I am working on understanding sector switching (using the Danish labour market data) and especially explanations for why people switch sectors - from public to private or private to public. Moreover, I am working on a systematic literature review on former studies of sector differences related to job satisfaction.

Finally, I am beginning two new projects on sector differences in absenteeism (with Ann-Kristina Løkke) and plural sourcing (with Niels Peter Mols and Stine Munk Poulsen). Finally, I have several papers under review on different stages, which I need to finish (NOT a part of the job that I like, but something I need to get done...)

What are you involved in teaching-wise at the moment?
I teach Strategy (oecon/soc bachelor) and a project course on Strategy and Management in Public and Public-Private Organisations (oecon/soc master). Moreover, I supervise multiple Master’s theses. Apart from that, I spend a lot of my time as vice-chairman of the board of studies for oecon and soc and as coordinator of some of the graduate diploma (HD) courses.

Are you planning to take part in any conferences or the like abroad in the near future?
The next conference I will be attending will probably be the PMRA conference in Minnesota, which is the best conference in the field of public management. It is the only conference where most of the top researchers from the field get to meet. Moreover, I hope to have a 3-4 week research stay in the US in the autumn of 2015.

Are you expecting any visiting researchers from abroad in the near future (or have you had any visitors from abroad recently)?
I have no specific plans to arrange for a visiting professor - but I had a visit from Barry Bozeman from Arizona State University in the first weeks of August this year. He is the founder of concepts like publicness and red tape, which are key concepts in public management literature.

Are you cooperating with researchers from other departments at AU at the moment?
I am collaborating with researchers from the Department of Political Science and the Department of Business Administration on various projects, and also with labour economist Anders Frederiksen from AU Herning.

What do you do when you are not at work?
Family and friends. I have three children (6,9 and 11 years old), who take up most of my time. Following my two boys’ football is especially time consuming (sometimes I also help coach their teams - if there are no other coaches available). The rest of my spare time I spend on Youtube listening to a wide variety of music, and I like watching TV series like Game of Thrones and Mad Men. I don’t really have any exotic interests I can brag about.

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