Teaching groups

The purpose of a Teaching Group is to ensure involvement and responsibility by each individual Department member towards the wellbeing of a study program. A Teaching Group is characterized by a portfolio of courses for which the members of the Teaching Group staff and develop. The portfolio of courses in a Teaching Group is determined in cooperation with management. The aim is to have course portfolios with closely related courses e.g. all courses, which constitutes a specialization of a study program.

Based on teaching interests, each VIP chooses to be a member of at least one Teaching Group. A VIP can be a member of more than one Teaching Group. The Teaching Group need not be affiliated with the Section to which the VIP belongs.

A Teaching Group is led by a Course Coordinator. The Course Coordinator is responsible for staffing the courses and for courses being developed. The development of courses includes overlooking the contents of the courses and how the content relates to other courses. A Course Coordinator works closely together with the Head of Section to create the teaching plan, which is the plan of all courses offered by the Department and who lectures each course. Some of the tasks for a Course Coordinator are:

  • Assign VIP to courses in their course portfolios. The assignments are done in a dialogue with the VIP.
  • Check that information about the courses on the Web is up-to-date
  • Support for external lecturers
  • Information meetings with students if course portfolio is a specialization of a study program
  • Distribution of written projects (e.g. Master’s Thesis, Bachelor Thesis).
  • Input for the hiring of teaching assistants
  • Contact with the advisory council if course portfolio is a specialization of a study program.
  • Participate in marketing of study programs
  • Special activities for students, e.g. theme days.
  • Supervision of students regarding choice of courses.
  • Input to the Head of Section for adjustment to study regulations

A Course Coordinator is appointed by the Head of Section for at most a three year period at a time.

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