Assignment allocation




Mette Vad Andersen

  • Section administration:
    - Economics 
    (Bo Sandemann Rasmussen)
  • Research secretary to TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research    
  • Minutes - Departmental Forum
  • Language revision

Susan Stilling

  • Section administration:
    - Economics (Bo Sandemann Rasmussen)
  • Research secretary to the Research Centre for Firms and Industry Dynamics (FIND) 
  • Language revision

Solveig Nygaard Sørensen

  •   Section administration: 
    - Econometrics and Business Analytics (Hans Jørn Juhl)
  • Research secretary to CREATES
  • Language revision

Malene Vindfeldt Skals
  • Research secretary to the Dale T. Mortensen Centre
  • Section administration:
    -  Economics (Bo Sandemann Rasmussen)
  • Language revision

Betina Sørensen

  • Coordination/planning of recruitment- and student events (e.g. gymnasielærerdag and IMSQE) and the Oecon Conference)
  • Coordination/planning of social events at the Department (incl. alumni/jubilee lunch and summer party)
  • Introduction of new employees
  • Recording of absenteeism (sickness and holidays)
  • Access cards
  • Language revision
Pernille Vorsø Jachobsen
  • Section administration: 
    - Accounting and Finance (Claus Holm)
  • Language revision

Berit Hansen

  • HA/BScB Finance
  • CM/MSc Finance
  • CM/MSc Finance and International Business
  • Mathematics-Economics (MatØk) MSc theses + defences
  • BA Soc, Bachelor's projects
  • Support to the cand.merc. coordinator
  • Language revision

Karin Vinding

  • HD Finance
  • HD Accounting
  • Support to the HD 2nd part coordinators
  • Language revision

Ann-Marie Gabel

  • HA/BSc Economics
  • CM/MSc International Economic Consulting
  • Mathematics-Economics (MatØk) BSc projects + defences
  • Winter School
  • Support to the HA coordinator
  • Instructor hiring - HA
  • Language revision

Charlotte Sparrevohn

  • Seminars
  • Reception
  • Conferences, workshops etc.
  • Winter School

Annette Mortensen

  • HD 1st part
  • MBA - ECON courses
Karina Rasmussen
  • HA/BScB/HA(jur.) Business Intelligence and Logistics

  • CM/MSc Business Intelligence
  • CM/MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Operations and Supply Chain Analytics
  • Data Science
  • HA Accounting, Bachelor's projects
  • Handbook for new students - HA/CM
  • Language revision
Anne Lisberg Lundby

On leave

Annia Hoffmeyer
  • HA/BSc Financial Accounting
  • CM/MSc Auditing and Financial Accounting (AUD)
  • MSc Economics and Management (Oecon)
  • Handbook for new students - Oecon
  • Support to the cand.merc.aud. coordinator
  • WorkZone
  • Language revision

Christel B. Mortensen

  • HR:
    - H
    irings and resignations (incl. system entering/removing, submission, personnel data editor)
    - Lists for display at the Department (employee lists etc.)
    Office allocation
  • Exelsior
  • Purchase of furniture
  • Approval of IT purchase
Sidse Nielsen
  • BSc Economics and Management (Oecon)
  • BSc Public Policy
  • MSc Economics and Management (Oecon) Master's theses, Topics and Internships
  • MSc Soc, Master's theses
  • Instructor hiring - Oecon
  • PA for head of studies (Oecon)
  • Language revision

Thomas Stephansen

  • Exelsior
  • Teaching evaluations
  • Study spaces (for Master’s thesis writers)
  • Study trips (students, student associations)
  • IMSQE - mentors etc.
  • Newspapers
  • Mail room
  • Office supplies
  • Coding of access cards
  • Language revision

Anne Charlotte la Cour

  • Secretary to the head of department
  • HR - Hirings and resignations
  • Job market
  • Language revision

Susanne Christensen

  • PhD administration
  • Support to the head of the PhD programme
  • DGPE administration

Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

  • Communication assignments (web page, staff portal, newsletters, information screens, information folders etc.)
  • Working papers
  • Oecon Award
  • Language revision
Susanne Jensen
  • Data manager
Jonas Mikkelsen
  • Data manager