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Marking of exams

Preparing written exams

When preparing a written exam, please consider the following:

  • Are the exam questions aligned with the content of the course, including learning objectives, literature, assignments and lectures?
  • Are the exam questions aligned with the type of exam (open/closed book on-site exam, take-home exam etc.)? For example, avoid asking students to provide definitions or describe theory in an open book exam.
  • Under no circumstances can you reuse questions from one exam to another. Variation of exam questions is allowed to a certain extent if they are integral in testing core elements of the course. See also this document about principles for variation of exam questions. If in doubt whether your intended exam questions violate this criteria, please contact Deputy Head of Department Thomas Quistgaard Pedersen: tqpedersen@econ.au.dk   
  • Make sure that answers to your exam questions cannot be found online. This is especially relevant if you make use of outside sources (such as data or cases) in the exam.
  • For all written exams with the same re-exam form, both the ordinary and the re-exam assignments must be handed in at the same time to the study administrative support in case something happens with the first exam.
  • A colleague must review the written exam before you send it to the study administrator. See also ‘Exam reviewer’ on this page.

Exam reviewer

For all written exams, it is mandatory to have a colleague review the exam assignment before sending it to the relevant study administrator. It is the examiner’s responsibility to send the exam assignment for review.

As reviewer, your tasks is among other things to assess if the length of the exam is appropriate and if the individual questions are clear and unambiguous. You provide your feedback to the examiner and, if relevant, review new versions of the exam assignment. It is not your task to verify that the examiner has addressed all your feedback.

As examiner, it is your task to address the feedback from the reviewer where relevant. Also note, it is your responsibility alone to ensure that the exam assignment satisfies the criteria outlined under ‘Preparing written exams’ above.   

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