Research groups

Faculty members and PhD students may form research groups. A research group can be motivated by a desire to develop a research environment by e.g. inviting guests, arranging workshops, or arranging activities to help students excel in their research area. Apart from external funds, a research group can obtain funds from the department to pursue its initiatives. The funds are delegated by the head of department in cooperation with the head of section.

It is voluntary to be a member of a research group. Members of a research group may belong to any section. A research group is established formally by an agreement with the head of department. To obtain internal funding, the research group makes a plan and a budget for activities. The research group has a research group leader, who negotiates a budget with the head of department in case internal funding is needed. There are not allocated specific positions financed by the department to a research group.

Some research groups may be established by a substantial external grant. These will typically also carry the name of a center. A center is led by a director of center, who negotiates the center contract with the head of department.