Purchase of books

Each section has its own account and an amount each year where you can apply for coverage of expenses to books etc. Read more about books for teaching activities below.

Read more about purchase and how to apply for funding from your section here.

PhD student should always get approval from their supervisor and then apply by sending a form to Susanne Christensen ( Read more about how PhD students should apply here.

Where to buy books

Books for teaching activities

Complimentary copies

Lecturers (incl. PhD students) must always try to acquire a complimentary copy for teaching activities. This often requires that you contact the publisher directly, and you will then usually be asked to fill in a form. Many publishers have agents affiliated to our department. If you prefer to contact the agent, if any, BSS Books may give you the name of the agent.

If a complimentary copy is not an option, you must get approval from the course coordinator (list of coordinators) to have the book paid for by the Department.

Books for instructors

If books are needed for instructors and the publisher is unwilling to supply complimentary copies, the lecturer needs approval from the programme coordinator (list of coordinators) to have the books paid for by the Department.

The purchase of books for instructors must be made by the programme administrator only (list of programme administrators). The instructors must return the books to the  programme administrator at the end of the semester. At the start of the semester, the programme administrator will inform the instructors that the books are to be returned at the end of the semester.