Each section has its own account and an amount each year where you can apply for coverage of expenses to:

  • conferences
  • minor travel expenses for meetings
  • books
  • submission fees

If you want to apply for funding from your section, you need to fill in the application form (see below) of the section that you are in and send it to your head of section, who, if it is approved, will sign your application. Please forward a copy of the signed approval to one of the research secretaries of your section.

Note that PhD students have their own form.  If you are a PhD student and would like to make a purchase of e.g. a book, you should get approval from your supervisor and then apply by sending the form to Helena Skyt Nielsen, hnielsen@econ.au.dk. Read more about funding for PhD students here.  

Applications forms:

You cannot commit to any expenses (i.e. order, buy or pay anything) before you have applied and obtained approval from your head of section (unless you choose to do so at your own risk).

You must scan and attach the signed approval to your expense settlement in RejsUd.

Coverage of expenses for data must also be approved by your head of section, but will be forwarded to and paid by the department.