Meeting rooms

The Department has the following meeting rooms:

  • 2621(B)-04
  • 2621(B)-122
  • 2630(K)-101
  • 2630(K)-102
  • 2630(K)-104
  • 2632(L)-161
  • 2632(L)-163
  • 2632(L)-242
  • 2632(L)-261
  • 2632(L)-263

Meeting rooms must be booked through the Outlook calendar. To get access to book a meeting room, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Outlook Calendar
  • In the top menu choose "Open Calendar"
  • Choose "From Room List"
  • Choose (for example) "2632-L161 (12)"
  • Press "Rooms ->"
  • Press "OK"
  • Now go to your own calendar
  • Choose "New Meeting" in the top menu
  • Under "Location" press "Rooms..."
  • Find the meeting room that you wish to book and press “Rooms ->" and “OK”
  • Fill in the time and date of the meeting and press “Send”

When booking through Outlook it is important that you write your name in the subject field in case someone needs to contact you regarding your booking.

If you have any questions regarding the meeting rooms or if you have problems booking, contact one of the research secretaries of your section or the reception: 

If you experience problems with the AV-equipment in a meeting room, you should contact the building inspectors: 8716 4113,

Please note that if you move the tables and chairs in a meeting room, you must move them back to their original position after your meeting.