Last update: 23 November 2020

Winter exams 2020/2021 - safety measures

Information about winter exams 2020/2021

Aarhus BSS is striving to ensure that students experience the exam forms that normally apply for the courses and as described in the course description. This means that the upcoming winter exams will follow the familiar and originally planned formats, i.e. oral examinations/defenses, written on-site exams, and take-home assignments.

Due to special circumstances, e.g. special exam formats or health issues, a number of exams may be converted into other formats or may take place online via Zoom (oral exams/defenses). During the next couple of weeks, these exams will be identified and re-planned by the relevant head of studies and the responsible lecturer/supervisor.

Additional information about the winter exams, including the special conditions that apply to people in at-risk groups, students in isolation and incoming and outgoing exchange students who are affected by travel restrictions/quarantine rules, etc. is available via https://studerende.au.dk/en/studies/subject-portals/aarhus-bss/ (FAQ for students in particular). Please also refer to the university’s guidelines for behaviour on campus: AU guidelines for behavior on campus.

Safety measures at oral and written on-site exams

It is important to emphasize that students, examiners, co-examiners and exam supervisors can safely attend in-person exams and that exams are conducted in accordance with the official COVID-19 rules and guidelines. To ensure safety and compliance with the official guidelines, the following measures apply:

Oral exams:

  • Distancing
    Seating arrangements will be in accordance with the official rules and guidelines and a distance of two metres between the student and examiner/co-examiner must be maintained.
  • Ensuring hygiene measures - sanitizing and cleaning
    Hand sanitiser is provided in the examination room and regular use of hand sanitiser is advised. Examination staff (examiner) must disinfect surfaces (e.g. table area and chairs) before and after each examination session. Examination rooms will be cleaned and disinfected between exams.
  • Face covering
    Both examination staff and students must wear a face covering (face mask or face shield) except when seated. Face coverings will be provided by the department. Upon request, an acrylic (plexiglass) desk shield to act as a protective barrier between the student and the examination staff can also be provided.

Written exams:

  • On-site exams
    During written on-site exams, students will be seated in accordance with the distance requirements, hand sanitiser is provided and the examination rooms will be cleaned and disinfected between exams.

Examiners, co-examiners and supervisors will receive more detailed information about the practical matters and precautions for exams taking place on campus from the study administrators. Please see the list of the study administrators for the study programmes at the Department of Economics and Business Economics: https://econ.au.dk/en/education/for-external-examiners/study-administrators/

Preparing the oral exam

  • All lecturers with an AU-email must create/activate an account in Zoom (link to guide: https://www.notion.so/Getting-started-with-Zoom-us-at-Aarhus-University-d538923d7c8c4543a0208a5448ce5902). Lecturers without an AU-email will receive instructions from the administrative contact person of the course or the Bachelor’s project/Master’s thesis.
  • The Zoom meetings/oral exams in Zoom will then be prepared by the administrative contact person, so that the meetings will be ready for the examiner.
  • In connection with defences of Bachelor's projects/Master's theses, the administrative contact person will e-mail the link to Zoom to the examiners, the students and the external examiners together with an exam plan/list of the order in which the students are to be examined. In connection with other oral exams, the examiners and the students must access the exam via a direct link in Blackboard. The external examiners will receive an email with a link to the exam from the administrative contact person.
  • In connection with oral exams, the examiner must inform the students about any special circumstances related to the conduct and form of the specific exam that the students should be aware of in advance.
  • The lecturers must coordinate ALL announcements to students and external examiners with the administrative contact person before announcements are sent out.

Carrying out the oral exam

  • On the day of the exam, the examiner is responsible for letting students and external examiners in and out of the waiting room in Zoom.
  • Security in relation to carrying out exams via Zoom has been assessed, and it has been concluded that it is safe for the external examiner and the examiner to discuss the grade via Zoom and that Zoom can be used in connection with confidential projects/theses/exam assignments.
  • Guidelines concerning other issues such as technical problems during the exam are being prepared and will be available as soon as possible via this link: https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/corona/eksamen/