ECON information about corona

Here you will find information about coronavirus that is particularly relevant for ECON employees. The pages will be updated regularly.

Personal protective equipment for COVID-19

  • The department offers face masks to all employees. Face masks can be collected from the department's mailroom in building 2620(A)-03. Please note that at present AU has not made it compulsory for students to wear face masks.
  • Face shields and plastic gloves are available upon request. Please contact Charlotte Sparrevohn for more details.
  • Personal headsets will be distributed to employees who will be teaching in large auditoriums and lecture halls. Please collect your headset from your personal shelf in the department's mailroom in building 2620(A)-03. 
  • If you have held a meeting in your office, it is a good idea to disinfect all contact surfaces after the meeting. Spray bottles will be available soon in the hallway of your office building. Please remember to return the spray bottle after use.