Tim Bollerslev awarded the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize 2018

2018.09.04 | Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

Photo: Martin Juul/Carlsbergfondet

Tim Bollerslev, Duke University, receives the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize 2018 for his ground-breaking contributions within financial econometrics and empirical finance. His methods for measuring and predicting volatility in the financial markets are widely used by economists and other actors in the financial markets all over the world, among others in connection with risk management of pension portfolios. He is one of the most cited economists in the world with almost 90,000 citations.

Tim Bollerslev became cand.scient.oecon. from Aarhus University in 1983. He then commenced his PhD studies at Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus University, and completed his PhD degree at Department of Economics, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in 1986. Tim Bollerslev has been employed at Duke University, North Carolina since 1998. For the past 12 years, Tim Bollerslev has been affiliated with the research centre CREATES at Aarhus University, Department of Economics and Business Economics, which was supported by the Danish National Research Foundation from 2007 to 2017. He has close relations with the Danish research community, and he has hosted a large number of Danish PhD students at Duke University as part of their studies.

About the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize
The Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize was instituted in 2011 to mark the bicentenary of the birth of founder J. C. Jacobsen.  The prize is awarded on recommendation of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters to a candidate within the field of natural sciences and a candidate within humanities/social sciences.  Each prize amounts to DKK 1 million. From this, DKK 250,000 is a personal gift and DKK 750,000 is for research.

The objective of the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize is to support active researchers, in Denmark or abroad, who have made vital contributions to basic research and enjoy great scientific recognition. The prizes are meant to encourage further research and can be spent, as required, on research stays abroad, field work, equipment, or salary for scientific assistance.

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