Grants from the Carlsberg Foundation for postdoctoral research projects

PhD Student Kristine Vasiljeva and Research Assistant Jonas Maibom from Department of Economics and Business Economics have both received grants from the Carlsberg Foundation.

2015.12.08 | Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

Kristine Vasiljeva has received DKK 707,009 for postdoctoral research and a 6 months visit to Lance Lochner at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Kristine will evaluate the impact of language policies in schools on educational outcomes of refugee children as well as scrutinize the issue of ethnic segregation in Danish schools.

Jonas Maibom has received DKK 1.4 million for his postdoc project. The aim of his project is to combine empirical and structural labour supply models to answer important policy questions. The first project will quantify and assess how the current level of UI balances the gain from social insurance with costs generated by suboptimal individual behavior. The second project will quantify the central mechanisms behind career and wage effects associated with mothers spending time out of the labour market and assess the cost of family friendly policies in terms of fore-gone opportunities in the labour market for mothers.

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