AUFF Starting grants to Timo Hener and Bastian Schulz

Timo Hener and Bastian Schulz from the Department of Economics and Business Economics have received starting grants from the AU Research Foundation (AUFF).

2018.08.02 | Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

AUFF Starting grants to two ECON researchers

Associate Professor Timo Hener

Assistant Professor Bastian Schulz

Timo Hener has received an AUFF associate professor starting grant of DKK 2,450,000 for his project entitled “Environmental Pollution, Health, and Productivity”.

The grant will facilitate the implementation of a research group in empirical environmental economics with a focus on the effects of pollution. The research group will contribute new insights into the impact of air pollution on contemporaneous adult health or immediate impacts on the productivity at the work place. The research group will furthermore investigate the missing link between effects on infants and labour market performance by investigating cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes during childhood. Moreover, a goal of the research group will be to analyse the under-researched effects of noise pollution on the population.

Bastian Schulz has received an AUFF assistant professor starting grant amounting to DKK 1,595,000 for his project entitled "Marriage, Divorce, and the Dynamics of the Labor Market".

The vow to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health and to love and honor each other for as long as one shall live reminds us that marriage is truly a decision taken under uncertainty. Unexpected unemployment or severe sickness can stress partnerships and may cause partners to drift apart and divorce. The relative importance of such economic shocks compared to other shocks disrupting a marriage is still poorly understood, despite the important repercussions of household formation and dissolution decisions. This AUFF Starting Grant aims to fill this gap by establishing a new research group at the intersection of demographic/family economics with dynamic labor market models and search and matching theory.

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