2019.05.03 | Research news

New interdisciplinary SDG network led by Sanne Wøhlk will work on “Overcoming the Challenges of a Circular Economy”

The network comprises 25 researchers from six departments and three faculties – nine of the researchers are external partners. The network addresses two of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

2019.03.01 | Public/media, Business Innovation Economics, Business research

Podcast: The robots are coming 2 – A future with automation

In this podcast from Aarhus BSS, Professor Philipp Schrøder talks about what it would take for Denmark to harvest the gains of automation, and he warns against the hidden villain that could destroy everything.

2019.02.12 | Public/media, Business research

Podcast: The pros and cons of nudging

Nudging is not just a miracle cure that can you can use as you please to change people’s behaviour. Nudging also has some unintended consequences that you need to be aware of, says Mette Trier Damgaard, in this podcast from Aarhus BSS.

2019.02.06 | Research news

Children with diabetes perform well in school

On average, Danish children suffering from type 1 diabetes perform just as well in school as their classmates. This is the result of the largest study so far exploring how children with diabetes perform in school. The study was conducted at Aarhus BSS in collaboration with Danish and international researchers.

2019.01.31 | Research news

New knowledge could help predict and prevent depression

In a new study, researchers from the Danish iPSYCH project demonstrate that people with the highest genetic propensity are over two and a half times as likely to be treated in a psychiatric hospital for depression compared to people with the lowest propensity. This knowledge could be utilised to strengthen preventative efforts for those who are at…

Mark Weder

2018.12.07 | People

New Danmarks Nationalbank Professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics

Professor Mark Weder has been appointed professor at Department of Economics and Business Economics. The position is funded via a donation from Danmarks Nationalbank to celebrate its 200th anniversary this year. The donation covers full funding for 5 years plus a possibility of a 3-year extension upon application. Mark Weder has his PhD from…

2018.12.05 | Grants

IRFD Grants to Department Members

The Department of Economics and Business Economics is well represented among the recipients of grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark in this round. In addition to the grant recipients mentioned earlier this month, the following have received grants for their projects:

Photo: Phillip Ørneborg

2018.11.22 | Awards

The 2018 Tietgen Award goes to Mette Trier Damgaard

On 21 November, Assistant Professor Mette Trier Damgaard from the Department of Economics and Business Economics received this year’s Tietgen Award for her internationally recognised research into nudging. Research which according to the award committee is highly relevant to public as well as private organisations.

2018.11.20 | Grants

Grants to ECON Members from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

The department is well represented among the recipients of grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark in this round. So far, the following recipients from the department have been published:

Photo: TrygFonden's Centre for Child Research

2018.10.26 | Grants

Research into children and adolescents ensured for another four years

A new DKK 40 million grant from TrygFonden contributes to ensuring that TrygFonden's Centre for Child Research at Aarhus BSS can continue its research activities until 2022.

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