2012.10.26 | Aarhus BSS

No explosives found after bomb threat at Campus Fuglesangs Allé

Aarhus University received a letter this morning containing a bomb threat against Campus Fuglesangs Allé. The area has been searched by the police and nothing suspicious was found. More information will follow.

2012.10.22 | Business and finance, Awards, Students

Economics Student from Aarhus University receives 2nd place for Best Undergraduate Paper 2012

Out of more than 50 entries from different universities around the world, economics student Boris Georgiev from Aarhus University has just received an impressive 2nd place for the Best Undergraduate Paper 2012.

2012.10.22 | Staff

Small fire in building 1445 and 1448

In connection with renovations on the ground floor of building 1445 at Aarhus University, a number of PVC pipes ignited Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. All were evacuated quickly from the building, and no one was hurt.

2012.10.10 | Staff, Students

New edition of CULtivate published on the web now

In the latest edition of CULtivate you can read about Malene Kallestrup Lamb who teaches Regression Analysis.

2012.10.08 | People , Awards

This year's MSc in Economics elected at Aarhus University

Kasper Vinther Olesen has been elected this year's MSc graduate in Economics at the Department of Economics and Business at Aarhus University. He was presented with the DKK 15,000 award for his tireless work promoting the studies.

2012.10.03 | Staff

Chief executives gathered at Oecon Conference at Aarhus University

On Saturday 29 September 2012, the Oecon Conference 2012 took place at Aarhus University, where Danish and international chief executives and economists gathered to discuss this year's topic: "Globalization and Growth".