2012.06.27 | Staff

The time frame for the salary negotiations this autumn is now in place

The time frame will set the scene for the local process that is to be organized by the department management and the union representatives (in Danish).

2012.06.27 | Staff

Status for the transition to the new joint e-mail and calendar system

AU IT will carry out the transition at a pace that ensures that all employees will receive the support that they need.

2012.06.27 | Administrative conditions

New joint timetabling system at BSS

Business and Social Sciences has implemented a new, joint timetabling system entitled 'Syllabus'. The system will be applied in the planning and registering of the use of rooms in connection with teaching activities and exams.

2012.06.27 | Staff

Courses for lecturers at BSS

Would you like to be a better supervisor, to be better at teaching large classes or to improve your skills in Power Point? Centre for Teaching and Learning offers in-service training courses in teaching and learning for lecturers at all career stages.

2012.06.26 | Staff

AU IT is tightening security for mobile phones

With the new mail system security will be tightened for those who check e-mail and calendar on their mobile phone (in Danish).

2012.06.21 | Awards

Students provide Danske Bank with pearls of wisdom

Students from Business and Social Sciences have given Danske Bank greater insight into future export opportunities for small and medium-sized companies.

2012.06.15 | Administrative conditions, Staff

All IT systems down at AU after 4 pm on 22 June

Due to extensive system work and updating, all the university’s IT services will be unavailable from 4 pm on Friday 22 June until 6 in the morning 23 June.

2012.06.07 | People

Professor Philipp Schröder joins the Government’s productivity commission

Since 2 May, Professor Philipp Schröder from the Department of Economics and Business has been a member of the Government’s productivity commission. The commission consists of unaffiliated experts, who are to draw up new ideas as to how Danish productivity can be strengthened.

2012.06.04 | Research news

New promising interdisciplinary research centre

Preben Bo Mortensen is the head of the new Centre for Integrated Register-based Research, which is one of five new promising interdisciplinary research centres that have been launched at AU after a very thorough selection and review process.