Labour and Public Policy Seminar: Anita M. Glenny, University of Copenhagen

Title: Digital Tools to Facilitate Job Search

2020.09.09 | Charlotte Sparrevohn

Date Fri 09 Oct
Time 12:15 13:00
Location Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V, Building 2632(L), room 242

Presenter: Anita M. Glenny, University of Copehagen

Title: Digital Tools to Facilitate Job Search

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate how online job search assistance affects labor market perfor-

mance of unemployed job seekers. We report results from a randomized controlled trial among

the universe of Danish unemployment insurance benefit recipients. The structure of the experi-

ment allows us to study the effects of (i) recommendations for potentially promising occupations

to consider, (ii) the number of available vacancies in occupations that the job seeker already

considers, and (iii) the joint effect of the two types of information relative to a control group.

Linking information on treatment status with register data on labor market outcomes, we

find that vacancy information as well as occupational recommendations increase working hours

and labor earnings for treated individuals relative to the control group. The effects on improved

labor market outcomes of the information treatments are of same order of magnitude. Notably,

our results suggest that the positive effects of vacancy information and occupational recom-

mendations do not seem to \add up" when being combined. With additional information on

job seekers' registered applications we show how the similar employment effects of occupational

recommendations and vacancy information seem to be provoked by different adjustments of job

search behavior. While occupational recommendations tend to widen job seekers' focus towards

other occupations, the vacancy information seems to lead job seekers to \zoom in" and consider

a narrower set of occupations.

Organiser: Niels Skipper

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