Occupational health and safety group

The local occupational health and safety group will take initiatives to ensure a healthy and secure working environment at the Department and follow up on physical and psychological workplace assessments.

The local occupational health and safety group consists of a staff representative and a management representative

Members of staff are encouraged to contact either one of the representatives with suggestions for improvements of your own individual workplace environment and of the working environment at the Department in general. For more information about the working environment organisation, see the HR webpage.

AU has entered an agreement with Dansk Krisekorps, a health advisory company, to provide acute psychological counselling for all the University's employees to combat stress, crisis and cooperation problems in situations which could affect the employee's capacity to work.  The cause of the crisis must be work-related. Read more about psychological counseling.

Useful information such as agendas and summaries of the meetings in the BSS FAMU (Occupational Health and Safety Committee) can be found on the BSS FAMU website - here you can also find information about the Annual Work Environment Discussion (in BSS FAMU). 

Material (archived in ring binders) concerning our local work with the working environment can always be studied by contacting either one of the local representatives (see contact details below).

At the Department of Economics and Business Economics, the occupational health and safety group consists of the following persons:

Staff representative

Søren Staunsager

Systems Administrator
H 2640, 121
P +4587152183

Management representative

Lene Bavnbek Enevoldsen

Head of Administration
H 2620, 100
P +4587165369
P +4521657786
16006 / i32