Committee for activity planning

A committee for activity planning for the ECON Administration has been established in order to ensure that the contents of activities planned for the ECON Administration meet the needs and requirements of the employees.

The committee shall contribute to the planning of meetings and activities for the ECON Administration, and take part in setting the date and agenda for meetings. The members of the committee may also take initiatives to plan social activities for the ECON Administration.

The members of the committee for activity planning are as follows:

1st half of 2016:
Betina Sørensen
Charlotte Sparrevohn
Christel B. Mortensen
Bibiana Paluszewska

2nd half of 2016:
Mette Vad Andersen
Ann-Marie Gabel
Ingrid Lautrup
Berit Hansen

1st half of 2017:
Solveig N. Sørensen
Birgitte Højklint Nielsen
Annia Hoffmeyer
Anne de la Cour

2nd half of 2017:
Margit Sommer
Karin Vinding
Susanne Christensen
Susan Stilling



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