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Approval of external PhD courses

In case you wish to take external PhD courses, an application for preapproval of the course and a course description must be sent by email to Helena Skyt Nielsen,

before attending the course (i.e. at least 14 days prior to the first course date). The application form must be signed by your main supervisor to confirm that the course is relevant to your PhD project. Both you and your supervisor must suggest how many ECTS the course should give, and a motivation for your suggestion must be included (note that at least 15 of the 30 ECTS points required to fulfil the demands for the PhD education set by the Ministerial PhD Order must come from internal BSS courses).

When Helena Skyt Nielsen has signed the form, Susanne Christensen will forward it to the PhD school.

Don’t forget to update your PhD plan with the planned course and the preapproval as an attachment.

After attending the course, you must submit (by email) the preapproved application form, a detailed course programme and the course diploma to the Graduate School:

Don’t forget to update your PhD plan again after completing the course.

A more detailed description of the procedure as regards external courses and the application form are available via the Graduate School's website.

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