Tasks for a Full Professor

This description aims at detailing the tasks for a Full Professor as outlined by various rules and regulations. The tasks for a Full Professor are outlined both at the Ministerial level, the University Faculty level and, as is the purpose of this note, at the departmental level. The amount of detail in the description of the tasks increases from the ministerial level to the departmental level. The descriptions from the various levels are sought to be mutually consistent.

The memorandum “Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities 2007” by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation describes the tasks for a Full Professor as:

The professorship consists mainly of research (including publication/academic dissemination duties) and research-based teaching (with associated examination duties). Moreover, research-based Public Sector Consultancy may be required. In addition, the post may also include a duty to share knowledge with the rest of society – including participation in public debate. Furthermore, professors may be asked to manage research, provide guidance and supervision of assistant professors and researchers as well as take part in academic assessments.

The university determines the exact ratio between the different responsibilities. The ratio may vary over time.

The description of tasks, as outlined in the BSS guidelines for assessments of Full Professors, are:

Applicants for a position as full (or chaired) professor must be assessed on the basis of:

1. Documentation of a high degree of original academic production at international level, which shows that the applicant has contributed to developing the academic discipline. Here, academic production is identified as research output, and the research standards to be upheld are those of strong international departments within the relevant field(s) of the job opening.

2. The applicant’s ability to manage research and other management function at department level.

3. Documentation in the form of teaching portfolio of required teaching qualifications (for further details please refer to our guidelines on Mandatory Teaching Portfolio).

4. The specific qualifications stipulated in the job advertisement.

Next is the detailed description of tasks for a Full Professor at the Department of Economics and Business (ECON). The description is divided into four areas, which constitutes the four strategic focus areas of Aarhus University. In bullet form (and in alphabetical order), a Full Professor is expected at least to contribute on the following tasks:


  • Research based teaching of both undergraduate and graduate students
  • Continuing development of pedagogical skills
  • Mentoring of younger faculty members regarding teaching
  • Leadership over maintenance and development of study programs

Knowledge exchange

  • Maintain and develop relations to alumni
  • Disseminate knowledge relevant for the public or the business community


  • Publish original research in high ranked journals or peer reviewed books
  • Conduct research leadership e.g. in organizing workshops and conferences
  • Obtain external funding
  • Attract visitors and candidates for job positions
  • Maintain an international research network

Talent development

  • Supervision of PhD students
  • Develop PhD-program
  • Guide career of PhD-students
  • Mentoring of younger faculty members in research strategies
  • Attract candidates for PhD-program

Several of the tasks above touch on the willingness to take responsibility and show leadership. Since these are important, a Full Professor must on a regular basis ensure to maintain and develop the skills to lead in various contexts. It is also important to stress that the ECON Department has a responsibility of ensuring resources are available for maintaining and developing various skills, for instance, leadership skills.

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