Absence due to illness

You must contact Betina Sørensen via this e-mail address (or Annette R. Madsen:, 8716 5312 for NCRR) if you are absent due to illness (or illness of your children), and it is important that you also remember to notify Betina (or Annette) when you are well again and back at work.

Absence due to illness will be registered in AUHRA.  

You are further asked to inform your assistant if you are ill - otherwise your phone will not be answered by your assistant when you are absent.

Especially for PhD students: Illness

For PhD students it is important in connection with illness that you inform Betina Sørensen via as this has an impact on whether or not your PhD study can be prolonged due to long-term illness. If you do not report to Betina that you are ill, then your PhD study cannot be prolonged. Please note that it is important that you also notify Betina when you are well again and back at work. It is not enough to tell your supervisor that you are ill.

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