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Holidays and other absence

Absence: Illness or holiday

You must contact Betina Sørensen via this e-mail address (or Annette R. Madsen:, 8716 5312 for NCRR) if you are absent due to illness, holiday etc., and it is important that you also remember to notify Betina (or Annette) when you are well again and back at work.

Absence due to illness, holiday etc. will be registered in AUHRA.  

You are further asked to inform your assistant about your whereabouts. Otherwise your phone will not be answered by your assistant when you are absent.

Especially for PhD students: Illness

For PhD students it is important in connection with illness that you inform Betina Sørensen ( as this has an impact on whether or not your PhD study can be prolonged due to long-term illness. If you do not report to Betina that you are ill, then your PhD study cannot be prolonged. Please note that it is important that you also notify Betina when you are well again and back at work.

It is not enough to tell your supervisor that you are ill.

Holidays - guidelines

Employees who have been employed during the whole calendar year are entitled to 25 “ordinary” holidays and 5 “special” holidays. The holidays must be taken in the subsequent holiday year, which runs from 1 May to 30 April.

As a general rule you are expected to take all 25 holidays and 5 special holidays. 

Certain circumstances make it possible to transfer max. 5 ordinary holidays and 5 special holidays to the next holiday year, but such transfers call for special reasons and approval from the Head of Administration, Lene Bavnbek Enevoldsen.

Any remaining special holidays from the holiday year before will be paid out automatically.

Forms to apply for transfer or payment of remaining holidays can be found via this link:
Transfer or payment of remaining holidays

Registration of “standard holiday”

If holidays are not being registered in the IT system, the Department actually pays your wage twice. First we transfer your holiday allowance to a special account. We draw on this account when registering your holidays, so that you receive your full wage. But IF your holidays remain unregistered within the system, we BOTH have a freezed and unused amount on the holiday account AND we pay your full wage during the whole year.

Therefore, according to AU guidelines, unless stated otherwise by the employee, standard holidays will be registered automatically at the beginning of the holiday year (i.e. in May) as follows:

- 3 weeks summer holiday in July (weeks 28, 29 and 30)
- 1 week at Christmas and New Year
- 2 days during the autumn holidays (in week 42)
- 3 days before Easter 

This is to make sure that all holidays are registered for all employees. If you wish to change this, you should send an e-mail to stating when (dates) you would like to take your holidays. However, if you wish to change the three weeks during the summer holidays (28-30) to three other weeks during the summer holidays, then there is no need to change it in the system. However, you should always inform the reception about holidays and other absence so that they can provide a satisfactory service when answering your phone in your absence.

Your five special holidays can be registered at any time during the holiday year – Write to and state when you wish to take your special holidays.

The system automatically resets your holiday account by the end of each holiday year (April 30 at the latest).

More information

For more information about holidays, please see the HR website

You may check the status of your holidays and how many holidays you have remaining by logging on to the AU self-service site:

If you have any questions regarding holidays, please contact Betina Sø, office: 2632(L)-228 or 103, tel.:87 16 49 95.

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