Students win case competition

A group of students from the Department of Economics and Business Economics just won a case competition organised in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry. The winning team offered their take on how Danish companies can solve the future challenges caused by shortage of qualified labour.

2015.06.25 | Susie Munk Jensen

Aarhus BSS and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) have asked a group of students from the course Applied Economic Consulting at the Department of Economics and Business Economics to find a solution to one of the greatest challenges currently facing the Danish business community: the shortage of qualified labour.

The winning team, Concise Consulting, impressed DI with their Closing the Gap project, in which they had focused on how Danish companies can attract and retain foreign labour.

“We have analysed and calculated various scenarios and came to the conclusion that the best solution to the problem is to bring in foreign labour. But it must be done through targeted measures to ensure that we attract and retain the right employees,” explains Cathrine Pedersen from the winning team.

Their solution also contains a list ten concrete initiatives to attract, integrate and retain the right people, including a campaign to change the Danes’ attitudes towards foreign labour. According to several Danish companies, such attitudes deter well-educated foreigners from coming to Denmark. 

Next stop DI

DI is looking forward to welcoming the winning team to Copenhagen, where they will be presenting their project to Karsten Dybvad who is CEO of DI.

“We chose to team up with Aarhus BSS in this case competition, because we think it’s incredibly interesting to get the students’ perspective on how we can solve the challenges that the industry is currently facing. And I know that Karsten Dybvad is very excited to meet these talented young people,” says Steen Nielsen, Deputy Director of DI, who had come to Aarhus to convey the happy news to the winning team.

The case competition is part of the course Applied Economic Consulting every year.This year it was organised in collaboration with DI.Last year, it was the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.




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