Oecon alumni gathered for the Oecon Conference 2016

The alumni association of the econ (oecon) study programme at Aarhus University held its annual Oeconkonference on Saturday 24 September 2016.

2016.09.28 | Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

The title of the conference was “Danmark i verdensklasse – what is next?”

The day-long programme started with breakfast at 9 am. Afterwards, the director of the econ study programme, Charlotte Christiansen, gave an account of current developments in the study programme. The next three talks were given by Nina Smith, Torben M. Andersen, and Mette Rose Skaksen (Dansk Industry). The common denominator of these talks was the question of what can be done to maintain Denmark’s position as a world-class country with both a high rate of citizen satisfaction and somewhat satisfactory key economic indicators.

After lunch, Lars Søndergaard from Danfoss presented his views on Denmark as site of production. Before an interesting panel debate, Ulrik Nødgaard from Finansrådet talked about the financial industry in Denmark and how it contributes to our wealth.

This year’s Oecon Award of DKK 20,000 to a newly graduated cand.oecon. went to Heidi Christina Thysen, who recently graduated and moved to a position as PhD student at London School of Economics. Heidi received the award for her hard work helping other students over the years. The Department of Economics and Business Economics congratulates her on this fine achievement.

The day ended with a fine conference dinner at Centralværkstedet and late-night drinks at the nightclub Castenskiold.

Next year, the Oeconkonference will celebrate its 25 year anniversary, again with a strong line of speakers.

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