It’s Raining Grants

Members of the Department of Economics and Business Economics have been working diligently applying for grants, and their hard work has now paid off in the form of generous grants to quite a few Department members:

2015.06.16 | Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

FSE Grants

The following Department members have received grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences (FSE):

Kim Christensen has received DKK 3,622,140 for his project entitled Identifying the structure of volatility in financial markets using ultra high-frequency data.

Project description: We propose to uncover the fine structure of volatility in financial markets using ultra high-frequency data. A good understanding of volatility is vital in many areas within economics and finance. Recent work by Christensen et al. (2014) suggests that volatility over short time intervals may differ substantially from what a vast amount of research—based on coarser data—has indicated. As our knowledge about volatility at the transaction level is very limited, we build the foundation necessary to analyze volatility using data at the highest sampling frequency. The proposal adds to the literature both on the theoretical and empirical side. The upshot is that we can identify the determinants of volatility, leading to improved measurement and prediction of financial risk.

Anna Piil Damm has received DKK 5,000,321 for her project entitled Investigation of the effects of having a male adult friend for boys' well-being, risk-behavior and school engagement.

Project description: One in four boys in Denmark and the US are growing up without fathers in the home. For obvious ethical reasons, there is no controlled experimental evidence on the importance of the father for male children’s well-being. We argue that a rigorous evaluation of the largest voluntary mentoring program in Denmark, Børns Voksenvenner (BVV), can shed general light on the importance of an adult male role model for boys’ well-being, school engagement and riskbehaviour. BVV matches children from single-parent households with a resourceful adult of the same sex. We will implement a waiting list randomized control trial to evaluate the quantitative effects of BVV and conduct qualitative interviews to investigate the social mechanisms behind these. Our interdisciplinary and mixed-methods study will be the first to provide rigorous evidence on the effects of having a male adult friend for boys with a relatively low risk-profile.

Shin Kanaya has received DKK 1,321,872 for his project entitled A New Inference Method for Nonparametric Econometric Models.

Project description: This project aims to develop a new statistical inference method which helps researchers to make proper interpretations of phenomena and draw valid conclusions from economic data without imposing unrealistic statistical assumptions. The novelty of our method is that it is built on recently developed results from stochastic differential equation theory.  The new method is applied to several empirical problems in economics, for example, a problem of estimating marginal returns to educations.

Sanne Wøhlk has received DKK 4,113,985 for her project entitled Transportation issues related to waste management.

Project description: The Danish Ministry of the Environment has a strategic goal of increasing the percentage of recycling and reuse. Recycling and recycling costs have thus become issues of vital importance. Many different systems are used for collection and handling of waste and recyclables. In this project we analyze different systems and combinations of systems in order to find the relative costs of different waste collection systems as regards transportation. We use a quantitative research approach based on Operations Research to obtain general conclusions regarding the cost of different systems.

Grant from the Danish Crime Prevention Council and TrygFonden

Anna Piil Damm has also received a grant from The Danish Crime Prevention Council and TrygFonden of 3.628.649 kr. for her project entitled Investigation of the Effects of Having a Same Sex Adult Friend for Boys’ and Girls’ Well-Being, Risk-Behaviour and School Engagement”.

Horizon 2020 grant

CREATES members Kim Christensen, Asger Lunde, and Niels Haldrup have received an ERC Horizon 2020 grant on “BigDataFinance” within the ITN (Innovative Training Networks) programme. The grant includes a number of international academic and business partners and amounts to a total of  Euros 3.5 million  of which Euros 550.000 have been distributed to CREATES.

The activities to be covered include two PhD scholarships and graduate training courses, among other things.

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