HoD News - 29 January 2018

2018.01.29 | Niels Haldrup

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your commitment and participation in the current job market activities. I am glad that so many faculty members actively participate in office meetings, job-market seminars, lunches and dinners.

So far, I have participated in all job market seminars, and it has been great to follow your participation, the enthusiasm and the vivid discussions during presentations and afterwards. I know that these weeks are rather hectic. This week will also be busy, and then I expect the job-market activities to fade out.

The reorganization of sections is now in place. What remains is the physical relocation of offices to gather section members physically. However, the department currently faces space problems to facilitate the relocation, and with a dozen new department members expected to arrive later this year, we face further office challenges. I presently discuss the future physical frames for our department with Aarhus BSS Estates Facilities and with the head of the Department of Management, Jacob K. Eskildsen. I hope that I will soon be able to provide further news in this regard.

I have previously mentioned in a newsletter that we need to coordinate course planning in a better way to ensure an optimal use of our teaching resources for the broad range of courses and degree programs taught at the department. This process will be initiated within the next few months. This is an enormous task that should be given the necessary time for implementation in a close dialogue across the department sections. An integral part of this process is also to reconsider the norm system and the software for registration of teaching and administrative activities.

The management team of the department has decided to change the Vipomatic norm system to the Excelsior norm system, which is also used by the Department of Management. The Excelsior registration system can be accessed via an iPad app, and it provides great transparency and will be a better management tool for analysing the allocation of resources and for course planning. As part of this change of registration system, it will also be necessary to have a thorough discussion about the actual norms we have for activities at the department. Clearly, there are numerous issues to be discussed by changing the norm system, and I look forward to the discussions and the implementation in a close dialogue with you. The transition to the new norm system will take some time, so please be patient. I will provide further information about the process in the coming months.

Niels Haldrup

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