Søren Dalsgaard and Anders Bredahl Kock receive AUFF Starting Grants

Senior Researcher Søren Dalsgaard and Assistant Professor Anders Bredahl Kock from the Department of Economics and Business Economics have received Starting Grants from Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF):

2016.02.02 | Birgitte Højklint Nielsen

Søren Dalsgaard, NCRR, has received an Associate Professor Starting Grant of DKK 2,900,000 for his project on environmental risk factors for ADHD entitled "Air-pollution and drinking water - a population-based cohort study of environmental risk factors for ADHD". The aim of the project is to estimate whether and to which extent exposure to air-pollution or chemical compounds in drinking water, either during pregnancy or early childhood, is associated with ADHD.

Anders Bredahl Kock, CREATES, has received an Assistant Professor Starting Grant of DKK 1,815,000. The grant will be used to create an interdisciplinary environment within the field of high-dimensional econometrics and statistics. This will be done by hiring a postdoctoral researcher for three years and by organizing a conference on this topic as well as inviting relevant seminar speakers.

As announced previously, Rune Vejlin has also received an AUFF Starting Grant.

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