1,68 million grant for Kristine Vasiljeva

Kristine Vasiljeva receives a postdoc grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research. The amount granted is DKK 1,682,055.

2016.03.12 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Kristine Vasiljeva

About the project:

The Impact of School Composition and Reception Classes on Refugee Children’s School Outcomes: Quasi-experimental Evidence

The postdoc consists of two projects. The first project evaluates whether ethnic concentration in schools and socio-economic background of foreign classmates affects educational outcomes of refugee children. The second project focuses on the causal relationship between the reception classes (classes for students with little or no knowledge of Danish, where they learn the language before continuing in a regular class) and refugee children's educational outcomes. The selective sorting of immigrants in residence areas may give rise to a bias in the estimates of the effects. To avoid bias from selective sorting of immigrants, the analysis in both projects uses Danish refugee allocation policy as it quasi-randomly distributed refugee children and their families across the Danish school districts.

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