DGPE PhD course: Allocation and Wages in Labor Markets

23-25 August 2017. Lecturer: Professor Rasmus Lentz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2017.04.19 | Susanne Christensen

Date Wed 23 Aug Fri 25 Aug
Time 12:00    16:30
Location Aarhus BSS, Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V, building 2623, room D7

This course will focus on wages, worker mobility and allocation, and job creation in frictional labor markets with worker and firm heterogeneity. Topics include measurement of wage and mobility determinants in matched employer-employee data, with a particular focus on the Danish data. The empirical results are interpreted in the context of frictional labor market models; random and directed search. Dynamics aspects of the data are explored in the context of firm dynamics models with and without trade, and their implications for wage inequality and sorting.

ECTS points: 2

About the lecturer

Rasmus Lentz received his PhD from the Northwestern University in 2002. He started his academic career at Boston University and was there until 2005. He is currently employed as a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on the labor markets with search frictions and especially how heterogeneity of workers and firms interact. He is a co-editor of Labour Economics.

When and where

The course takes place on 23-25 August 2017 (3 days) at Aarhus BSS, Fuglesangs Allé 4, DK-8210 Aarhus V in building 2623, room D7.


Wednesday 13.00-16.30: Measurement of wages and mobility in MME data
Thursday 9.00-11.30: Search theory
Thursday 13.00-16.30: Sorting and wages
Friday 9.00-12.00: Job creation/firm dynamics/trade/wage inequality

Coffee and lunch breaks are included.

We start with lunch on Wednesday 23 August at 12.00 in lower multi-room in building 2610 (S).

You will find a map of Aarhus BSS as well as travel information on our Visitor Information website: http://econ.au.dk/visitor-information/.

A course dinner (free of charge) will take place on Thursday 24 August at 18.30 (restaurant TBA).


The course is free of charge for:

1. DGPE members from AU, KU, CBS, SDU.

2. PhD students from Economics Departments at Nordic universities outside Denmark.

The course fee is EUR250 for other participants.

Registration no later than 1 August 2017 via webshop


Associate Professor Rune Majlund Vejlin, rvejlin@econ.au.dk

Administrative support
Susanne Christensen, sch@econ.au.dk




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