Guests/seminar speakers

If you want to invite a guest/seminar speaker and the Department is supposed to pay the expenses, please send an application to Margit Sommer by e-mail. The application should specify who the guest is, the time and purpose of the visit, and a budget for all expenses (travel, hotel, dinner etc.). The application shall be sent a.s.a.p., and always prior to the visit.

You should contact Ingrid ( if you are expecting a guest who needs to use a guest office and have internet access during his/her visit. Please make sure to notify Ingrid well in advance before the guest arrives so that she has time to find and set up an office for your guest. 

Visiting PhD students

We welcome PhD students from Danish and foreign universities who wish to spend a period of up to 6 months at Department of Economics and Business Economics as part of their PhD programme (change of environment). Would you like to invite a PhD student from another university to the department for a period of up to 6 months, please note the following:

  • the PhD student should be far enough in his/her studies to have an ongoing research project
  • the project should be relevant to the department and of a certain quality
  • the quality can be assessed by asking for a CV and references – unless the student’s own academic supervisor has made the initial contact to a VIP at our department

We offer

  • a shared office
  • internet and telephone
  • access to printers and photocopiers
  • access to our library
  • participation in seminars and courses
  • coffee, tea and fruit

The PhD student must

  • bring a laptop
  • pay for own travel
  • pay for own accommodation and subsistence
  • pay for own insurance

Approval of the visit

Please inform Helena Skyt Nielsen, Head of the PhD Section, prior to the visit (cc Susanne Christensen, 

Academic host

The VIP who invites the student acts as host and main point of contact.

The academic host can apply for financial support to the student by contacting Helena Skyt Nielsen with brief information about the duration and purpose of the stay, along with a CV and approximate budget items for which the student requests support (travel, accommodation or subsistence). Information about the student's financial support from home institution/country should be included.

Support contact

Susanne Christensen, (letter of invitation, residence permit, housing).
Ingrid Lautrup, (office, keys, internet etc.)

Helpful link

15293 / i32